Get to know Lindsay Smith
June 27, 2022

What is your experience in lending?
My experience in lending started at a community bank in Central Ohio in 2015 where I began working in loan administration, so I could learn all of the aspects of loans before taking on clients and becoming a loan officer. At that point, I had only ever had one auto loan myself and had a lot to learn. After 6 months, I began my training to become a loan officer where I learned consumer, commercial, and agricultural lending. I have experience in financing vehicles, equipment, hotels, farms, and family’s dream homes from buying to constructing. 

What was it like growing up on farm?
Growing up on a farm is the biggest blessing a kid could ask for—not only did I get to learn from my dad but also my uncle and “Pap” where I didn’t just learn how to have responsibility for livestock or handle finances but also how to work hard and live your life to the fullest. We showed at the local fair and were active in the local 4-H and fair board.  My dad grew up on the same farm himself and I’m sure always dreamed of having a son to help take over the operation, but instead, my dad had three daughters. Needless to say that didn’t hold him back from teaching us the ropes. We were raised to work by his side running equipment, taking care of the livestock, baling hay/straw, and all that comes with raising dairy cattle and row crops. Some of my best memories as a kid are at our family farm—walking through the muddy pasture in my boots and having them get suctioned off in the mud so that your next step is barefoot and you get buried, and the years working to break cattle for show and getting drug along the driveway then standing back up and taking the halter broke calf to the fair and winning the class knowing you had blood, sweat, and tears into the heifer. I am who I am today because of the farm. My family also had a convenience store with a gas station, and there I learned about business—stocking shelves, running a cash register, customer services. My college major was Agribusiness and Applied Economics. I always say this major chose me, it was the business from my family’s convenience store and the agriculture from the dairy and crops, that is where it all started for me! 

What is your favorite breed of cow and why?
I have always loved Brown Swiss, just because I think they are beautiful cows with such great frame, but we were raised with Holsteins so I would have to say my favorite breed is Holstein. The Red Holsteins are one in a million too! Holsteins are great for production and are just the epitome of a cow. The breed is docile and smart too. Here is a picture of me back in the day when I was showing with one of my favorite cows. 


What is your favorite part about working with farmers?
My favorite part about working with farmers is that every farmer has a great story to tell and welcome you as family. Dairy farmers, in my opinion, are also the hardest working people you can find, there is no one more dedicated to livestock and operations than a dairy farmer them. They get up before the sun rises and go to bed far after the sun sets. Constant, go, go, go and I respect them for that!   

What are you looking forward to most working with DFA members?
I am looking forward to working with DFA members because I am coming back to my roots, farming! There is no greater accomplishment to me than to help dairy farmers take over their family’s 5th generation farm or helping farmers through the good times and bad. I look forward to building new relationships and getting to see some beautiful dairy farms and how each operates a little differently. Growing up we always called the cow manure— “the sweet smell of success” and I hope I can help each dairy farmer be as successful as they dream to be! 

What is your favorite dairy product?
My favorite dairy product is ice cream! Who doesn’t love ice cream? I am not very brand specific, but I do love a bowl of strawberry ice cream with real strawberry chunks or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream too! And there is also nothing better than a big glass of cold milk in the middle of the night to put you back to sleep.