June 27, 2022
Get to know our newest Loan Officer, Lindsay Smith, with some Q&A questions about her life and agricultural lending. 
June 13, 2022
Approaching new ideas on the farm can seem challenging, whether you are thinking about new technology or business operations. There are different ways to approach each idea and this article by Darren Frye in Farm Progress will take you step-by-step through new ideas. 
May 16, 2022
In this article from Successful Farming, Jim Knuth, Senior Vice President with Farm Credit Services of America says the single factor they see time-after-time between those who are succeeding and those who are struggling is how they manage their operating from a business, financial and marketing perspective. This includes evaluating the cost of assets such as machinery and equipment and re-thinking how they’re using it.
April 25, 2022
Planning machinery purchases and repairs is more critical than ever considering the lead time manufacturers need to produce products and the limited availability of used equipment and parts to repair your current equipment.
April 13, 2022
Regular maintenance and repairs make a big difference in preserving the life of machinery on the farm. 
March 29, 2022
If a farm business is to continue for generations, taking a different approach is a priorty while running the operation. 
March 23, 2022
With planting season soon approaching, developing an annual cropping and feed inventory plan can be significantly helpful. 
March 11, 2022
Collecting and measuring data on your operation is the best way to measure success, and it can start with you. 
February 22, 2022
The agriculture industry is constantly changing and advancing. Every day, farmers are presented with new technologies, marketing choices and tightening margins. Throughout all the changes, there is one thing that remains constant, basic farm management.
February 15, 2022
"The more you plan ahead for those times when you have extra income from improved commodity prices, the more confident you feel when making decisions about how to best use the money." 
February 04, 2022
How does your farm define growth? There are many answers when it comes to growth including numbers of acres farmed, income, team members and new business. 
January 18, 2022
In this blog series, we will feature three different financial documents, and this blog will focus on budgeting, which can be helpful for setting your farm up for years of success. A budget can serve as a farm’s action of action and evaluative tool for operational performance.
January 12, 2022
Lines of credit are important tools that farms use to help manage cash flow needs. A line of credit will be there when you need it to help your operation, whether you are looking to obtain discounts on bulk purchases, make timely payments or cover an unforeseen expense.
January 11, 2022
Our team of knowledgable experts helps break down a farm balance sheet and its' importance. 
January 08, 2022
"Have you ever applied for a loan only have it sit on your lender’s desk for days without an answer?"
January 06, 2022
"The more you can reduce the guesswork, the more profitable your farm may be. That’s where agricultural software comes in."
January 04, 2022
In this blog series, we will feature three different financial documents and this blog will feature income statements, one of the most important statements in financial accounting, also known as a profit and loss statement.
January 01, 2022
"Avoidable costs are unnecessary costs—always have been and always will be."